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About Us

Company Profile

Brief Introduction of Sanden Corporation

Sanden Corporation was established in 1943 under the name Sankyo Electric Co., Ltd. Supported by its strong R&D capabilities, Sanden has continually expanded the scope of its operations and achieved smooth growth to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of automobile air-conditioning systems, compressors, automatic vending machines, as well as one of Japan's top producers of commercial freezers, refrigerated showcases, and kerosene room heaters.


The Company's activities also encompass the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of heating and cooling units for commercial and household use as well as various types of bicycle accessories.

AC EDGE Profile

AC EDGE is a new corporate brand housed under Sanden Corporation, which have over 30 years of automotive air-conditioning expertise and is an established OE (Original Equipment) supplier to the major car manufacturers.


This new brand is designed and developed specifically for the automobile aftermarket. Supported by a team of engineers to develop perfect and fitting products, superior quality replacement parts are used for both passenger and commercial vehicles. With an extensive range of air-conditioning products and a wide network of support, AC EDGE represents both comfort and hassle-free air-conditioning solutions for the automotive aftermarket at a competitive price.

Vision & Mission

To be the leading aftermarket brand for automotive air-conditioning.

Develop an effective aftermarket program and expand our range of quality products at a competitive price.

AC EDGE Approach