AC Edge
Compressor Condenser Evaporator
Expansion Valve Receiver Drier Refrigerant Gas

Why Choose AC Edge

  • Comprehensive Range of Products
    In AC EDGE, we have extensive range of products that will suit your needs and applications. Our products include brand new Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Accumulator / Receiver Drier, Expansion Valves, Condenser Fan Assy, Cabin Filter, Radiator, Clutch and AC Tools & Accessories.

  • Superior Parts & Quality Control
    All AC EDGE products are manufactured with superior quality components. A new quality control system has been established to ensure all our parts meet the aftermarket requirements.

  • Cater For The Aftermarket Requirements
    Our direct "drop in and fit" approach also ensure hassle-free installation and repair.

  • Product Availability
    Using Singapore as a warehousing and logistic hub, our products can be readily available to ship to any part of the world effectively.

  • Strong Technical Support
    With an established distribution network and a team of engineers to support the program, our customers can be assured of good technical and after sale support.

  • Competitive Pricing
    Without compromising on quality, our products are priced competitively.